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The mission of AlphaOne Ambulance Medical Services Inc. is to provide outstanding emergency medical services and patient transportation services. We provide these services in a professional manner while maintaining the dignity of those we serve. Our team continuously strives to learn, improve, and grow in enhancing the delivery of emergency medical services to those we serve.

AlphaOne Ambulance Medical Services Inc. has been in operation since June of 2011. We started out in the Sacramento area with only a few ambulances and a small dedicated crew who have made AlphaOne what it is today. We have grown enormously since that opening day. We have multiple ambulances and transportation vans that help service the entire Sacramento area. We provide emergency services to many of Sacramento's elderly residents, non-medical transports to and from medical appointments, and in-service training to our facility clientele. Customer service and geriatric care are our specialties and as such, we hold our employees to a higher standard than most other providers in the business.


We are constantly upgrading our training, techniques, fleet, and technology. We were among the first medical providers to engage in the highest national emergency medical services information system (NEMSIS). Our patient data is collected in the field and instantly shared with national EMS agencies to better our patient care and techniques, all while adhering to HIPAA standards. Each of our ambulances are equipped with GPS to allow our own emergency medical dispatch center to decide the closest, most appropriate, unit to respond to your emergency.



Our Address

10461 Old Placerville Road, Suite 110

Sacramento, CA 95827


Emergency Dispatch: (916) 635-1111

Business Phone: (916) 635-2011

Fax: (916) 254-5109

Hours of Operation

Emergency Services

24 hours

Business Hours

Monday – Friday  9:00AM – 5:00PM



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